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Nota Por Favor: Las capacitaciones con íconos morados son presenciales (cara-a-cara). 

Supporting Infant and Toddler Development (SITD: 4hrs)

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This training is in-person. Course Description: Early care providers and educators can have a great impact on infants. Learn the many ways to enhance your classroom environments and practices to promote infant growth, development, and learning. 


Learning objectives 

1. You will have heard how early connections with caregivers support infant and toddler brain development. 

2. You will have identified and named common milestones in multiple age ranges for infants and toddlers. 

3. You will have chosen a common developmental milestones in one domain, and linked that milestone to a daily routine on a lesson plan for an infant or toddler 

4. You will have named materials and re-designed an environment that supports the everyday routines of infants and toddlers 

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Please contact the Early Childhood Services Center for technical support:

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