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Continuous Quality Improvement 1: Starting the Path (CQI 1: 2 hrs)

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Professionals new to the field are starting a process of learning about their profession.  Continuous Quality Improvement is about learning more about the profession itself and identifying areas within the profession for growth and improvement.  This session is the introduction to this process of continual growth and professional development. 2 hours (Equivalent to 3 STAR Leadership Academy) (NM Competencies: 6 (1hr), 7 (1hr))

– Required for FOCUS program directors or education coordinators (CQI1=3 Star; CQI2= 4 Star; CQI3= 5 Star)

– Required for NM PreK Returning Teachers (CQI 1, 2, &3)

– Equivalent to the former Leadership Academies  

6. Assessment of Children & Programs: 1 hr
7. Professionalism: 1 hr


Getting Started

Primary Topic areas for this module are:

  • What is professionalism in the field of early childhood education, as defined by me?
  • Different professional frameworks to consider
  • Self-assessment using the Change Readiness Assessment Tool
  • Starting to set professional development goals based on NM competency areas.

Each section of this module has that a specific learning sequence, and each sequence starts with an Achievement Based Objective (ABO):

  1. Achievement based objective (ABO) 1: by the end of this session you will have formulated a definition of professionalism in early childhood education
  2. ABO 2: By the end of this session you will have identified your own role and responsibilities within the professional field of Early Childhood Education as a continuum of experience.
  3. ABO 3: by the end of this session you will have completed the Change Readiness Assessment.
  4. ABO 4: by the end of this session you will have will have linked a topic area to resources for professional growth in your profession within the NM Early Childhood Education competency system.
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All modules must be completed in order to receive your certificate.

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Please keep in mind that all modules must be completed in order to earn the certificate and all activities are completed through participation. You will not be graded or scored on any activity. This training can be completed in one sitting or through several short sessions depending on your schedule. You can access the training at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you have completed all modules, your certificate will appear in your transcript.

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