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Continuous Quality Improvement 3: Working the Cycle (CQI 3: 4hr)

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The last session of the CQI series is designed for individuals who understand the CQI process and have a working understanding of reflective practice.  In this session, participants will be asked to demonstrate a commitment to the principles of professionalism and responsibilities of people working with children and families and an understanding of community resources and referral processes. 4 hours (Equivalent to 5 STAR Leadership Academy after completion of CQI1, CQI2, and CQI3) (NM Competencies: 2. 0.5 hr, 6. 2 hr, 7. 1.5 hr)

– Required for FOCUS program directors or education coordinators (CQI1=3 Star; CQI2= 4 Star; CQI3= 5 Star)

– Required for NM PreK Returning Teachers (CQI 1, 2, &3)

– Equivalent to the former Leadership Academies 

NM Competencies:

2. Health Safety & Nutrition: 0.5 hr
6. Assessment of Children & Programs: 2 hr
7. Professionalism: 1.5 hr


Primary Topic areas:

  1. CQI is a cycle; Plan Do Study Act
  2. Linking criteria to program/ environment for improvements
  3. Using assessment tools to identify strengths and areas of growth
  4. Putting all ideas together into a CQI goal/ plan

Each section of this module has that a specific learning sequence, and each sequence starts with an achievement based objectives (ABOs):

ABO 1: By the end of this session you will have looked at CQI as a cycle of Plan Do Study Act and considered all the parts of this cycle as an important to the CQI process.

ABO 2: By the end of this session you will have linked the 10 Essential Elements to assessment resources for program/ environment improvements.

ABO 3: By the end of this session you will have completed one section of an appropriate assessment tool that will help determine areas of strength and of needs.

ABO 4: By the end of this session you will have written at least one measurable Continuous Quality Improvement goal for yourself, your classroom and / or your program

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All modules must be completed in order to receive your certificate.

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