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Navigating the EPICS Provider Dashboard

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This is a 30 minute overview of the EPICS Provider Dashboard for licensed child care homes and centers. 
1. Accessing the dashboard
2. Viewing and updating Employee Information
3. Viewing and updating Care Giver information
4. Accepting/Declining pending CCA Contracts
5. Viewing and printing Payments and Remittances
1. Child Growth and Development: 
2. Health, Safety & Nutrition: 
3. Family & Community Collaboration: 
4. Developmentally Appropriate Content: 
5. Learning Environment & Curriculum Implementation: 
6. Assessment of Children and Programs: 
7. Professionalism: 0.5 hour

Additional Information
Please contact the Early Childhood Services Center for technical support:
Technical Support 505-277-1118
New Mexico Early Learning System
Early Childhood Services Center Data Services
Available Monday – Friday 8am-5pm
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