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45 Hour Early Care, Education and Family Support Entry Level Course (PART1: Quorum and PART 2: Hybrid) – Informational Only

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NOTE: This is not a course, the purpose of this selection is to provide information on the 2 part process of the Early Care, Education and Family Support Entry Level (45 Hour) Quorum – Hybrid course. Please make sure to allow enough time for the completion of Part 1: Quorum Courses (approximately 22 self-paced online training hours) before the start date of this scheduled event Part 2: Hybrid Sessions.

Reminder: If you take Child Growth and Development (must be 3 credit hours with a higher education institution), no need to take 45 Hour Early Care, Education and Family Support Entry Level Course.


Part 1 – with Quorum eLearning. 

The following steps will need to be taken to complete Part 1:
Create an account with Quorum at:  

You will need to identify which language you prefer before choosing New Mexico as your state sponsor. 
It will take 5-7 days for your account to be activated.  Look for the activation email in all of your email files. 
Once you have activated your account; register for the Early Care, Education and Family Support Entry Level Course (45 Hour)/
Quorum – Hybrid course bundle.

Upon completion of these 5 courses you will be prompted to register for Part 2 by selecting a date.  You will also be given an opportunity to request materials for the facilitated section of the course.  

  • Learning Environment: how classroom arrangement impacts behavior – 4 hrs
  • Challenging Behavior: reveal the meaning – 3 hours
  • Building Strong Relationships with Families 3 hours
  • Developmental Milestones- teacher, teacher, what do you see – 5 hours
  • Honoring All Families – 4 hours   

    Register at for the Health and Safety Orientation course
    Complete the Health and Safety Orientation to meet all of the requirements for Part 1.  

    Part 2: Facilitated Cohort
    You will be able finalize your registration for Part 2 with the facilitated cohort, hosted by a certified 45-Hour facilitator, in your last module in Quorum.  
    Participants in the facilitated cohort will:
    Reviewing additional content from the seven core competency areas (13 hours)
    Complete 3 required observations and 1 additional professional development event. (10 hours)

Additional Information

Please contact the Early Childhood Services Center for technical support:
•          Technical Support 505-277-1118
•          New Mexico Early Learning System
•          Early Childhood Services Center Data Services 

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